Our Ethereal Ethos

Created for the romantic and the inspired, the nymphets and the artists. Our boudoir pieces are characterized by lightness, elegance and the curvature of the female form. We aim to bring 18th century sultriness to life - inspired by the aesthetics of romanticism and the Rococo movement.

Boudoir: a woman’s private bedroom

Rococo: an 18th century artistic painting and architectural style, characterized by romantic ornamental design

Little indulgences to save forever.

Our pieces are made to be worn between the sheets, frolicking in a field of dandelions or walking down the aisle… Elegant eroticism is what we’re calling it!

The iconic shell symbolizes sensuality and the graceful nature of femininity. It is the symbol of our ethereal ethos, with romanticism at its core.


Dakota Jinx Falkenburg Solt Locke founded Dakota Jinx in March 2019. Dakota’s background in fashion and fine art inspired her to design these collections. As an artist and painter, she works with lustful imagery, embracing both the beauty and erotic side of the female form. When visiting Le Salon, you’ll notice her paintings hanging on the walls alongside the Dakota Jinx collections.

Her line gets the other half of its name from her Great-Aunt Jinx Falkenburg - a 1940s model, film actress and radio and TV personality.

Vivid memories of Dakota dressing up in Jinx’s handmade gowns, floral adorned hats and glittering jewels eventually led to her devotion to fashion. She fell deep into piles of sensual fabrics, ribbon details and delicate embroideries. Years later, Dakota decided to take these memories and create a romantic ensemble of elegantly erotic boudoir, to wear in and out of the bedroom. Dressing up and getting undressed has never been so luxurious.